Oct. 4th, 2014

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I should probably write something here, given that it's been at least a month since I last did! But I've been so busy with schoolthings (and really specialized interests[1]) that I can't think of much to write here, so...

... have some pictures instead! Goldkin drew some expression ones of me: here, here, or on his Twitter page.

And since I finished a rather exhausting assignment a few days ago, I think I'll be mostly unproductive today and do little :) Although I often tend to do more than I intend to, even so...


EDIT: And Google glitches of the day. First, try to search for "windows 9" "windows 8" -"windows 95" (yep, with a minus). See if it excludes stuff that contains Windows 95. Nope, instead it highlights the term.
Second, try to exclude something that definitely shouldn't be in any page: "windows 9" "windows 8" -"-windows 95". No hits?


[1] Like finding out that the distribution of county and state populations in different places of the world is more likely to be Levy than Cauchy, more likely to be log-normal than uniform, and more likely to be log-gamma than log-normal. At least from the data I have acquired so far, if I'm not doing something wrong.

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