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And take that, basic feasible solution!

Always good to be done with a test.
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Take that, chi square!
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And now for something not as will-destroying:

I found out that there are "natural" matrix versions of a bunch of functions.

Suppose you have an entire function f(x) that inputs and outputs numbers. Being entire, it has a power series and that power series converges to f(x) for any value of x. Now, the trick is: since powers are defined for matrices as well, you can input a matrix into the power series. That generalizes f to a matrix-to-matrix function.

So you can take exponents of matrices, and also apply trig functions to them. That's a nice trick.
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I've sometimes heard people argue that the universe is likely to be a simulation because it looks like what we'd do if we were to simulate something: it's discrete, has finite detail, limited speed that information can spread outwards, etc.

But perhaps this is the wrong way around: perhaps our simulations tend to be like this because the universe is like this. Suppose, for instance, that it was possible to calculate (add, subtract, etc) truly real numbers in constant time. Then our simulations could have infinite detail in some respects as well, because they could encode that detail within those real numbers and manipulate them.

If so, then "our universe may be a simulation because it sure looks like one" indirectly begs the question.
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You know you're picky about language when...

you see "lapine" intended to mean "bunnylike", and you think "hey, that should be leporine instead!".


I wonder if this is dead. Is it?
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Happy new year everybody!

(He says, belatedly.)
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So I watched Spectre.

It was loud. It was also better than Skyfall, IMHO. (Why was everybody falling over themselves over Skyfall? I mean, it was okay, but it wasn't the best thing ever.)

Still, there were fridge logic moments. "Before I kill you, Mr. Bond" and all that, but I suppose that's a staple of the series, so... :)

My head is also pretty much filled with loud noises, which may explain why this post sounds weird! Not enough capacity to do it elaborately, so why not use this brief style of writing to my advantage?
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I wouldn't complain if this day and my memories of it were to vanish... or if I could send a message three weeks back in time, for that matter.
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Yay, all tests are done for this term.

Two went okay, the other two ended up kind of rushed and/or there were questions I couldn't answer. Oh well. Now I just rest.

(And wonder if it's good to push myself so much towards perfection at the last moment...)
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... that doing O(n3) algorithms by hand

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As I tend to say:

happy Constitution Day to all of you in Norway :)

... but then I also notice that it's been a really long time since I've written anything in here. Yeep, university really drains your time without you realizing it!

I should probably write more here. Or talk to people I know from here. *waves and meeps*
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I've also recently watched the last Hobbit movie. My one-sentence review would go somewhat like:

"It's not nearly as bad or fight-heavy as I thought it would be, but it still could use quite a bit of editing."

I thought it would be overly padded with battles, and that thought kept me from going until I found out that my cinema gift cards (that I had won in a programming competition) were to expire a few months from now. I thought that this would be an opportunity as good as any, and so I went :)

Oh, there is a lot of fighting, and you get the impression Jackson really likes large battle scenes, but that sort of faded into the background for me. It didn't bother me that much!

(The whole fight on the toppled tower was a bit too set-piece-y for me, though.)
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Bluh I say. Bluh!
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I've now written 3000 words of philosophy nonfiction in a single day (in six or seven hours, actuallly, not counting planning and editing).

I don't think I want to do that again.
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Maybe the first thing we'll terraform will be Earth itself.
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Perhaps one could say this:

The thesis is exemplified by Java.
The antithesis is exemplified by JavaScript.

(It doesn't quite fit, because they're not on the Pareto frontier. But still...)
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Hello there,

apparently there has been renewed interest in DW, at least from a certain group! Unfortunately, the real world has been too time-intensive and I have been too busy to write much of interest. Much of my time has been occupied by assignments (programming, stats, linear algebra, oh my), and I've used much of the time that was left to think about very special-purpose things that probably wouldn't be of much interest to others here (e.g. application of statistics to certain types of voting algorithm design).

So instead... let me just meep again. Hello everybody! I have some ideas of what I could write about, but I just haven't had the time yet. Because of that, it's probably easier for me to just encourage those who are reading this to start: ask me something or just meep back, and then I'll try to reply in turn :) Particularly those of you who may have started reading this recently, because I'm curious as to who you are.


Oct. 9th, 2014 05:46 pm
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And while chatting with a creature on IRC, I searched for and found a crow statue picture, and then I thought that others here who like corvids might also be interested in it.


Caw! (click for DA page and picture)
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I should probably write something here, given that it's been at least a month since I last did! But I've been so busy with schoolthings (and really specialized interests[1]) that I can't think of much to write here, so...

... have some pictures instead! Goldkin drew some expression ones of me: here, here, or on his Twitter page.

And since I finished a rather exhausting assignment a few days ago, I think I'll be mostly unproductive today and do little :) Although I often tend to do more than I intend to, even so...


EDIT: And Google glitches of the day. First, try to search for "windows 9" "windows 8" -"windows 95" (yep, with a minus). See if it excludes stuff that contains Windows 95. Nope, instead it highlights the term.
Second, try to exclude something that definitely shouldn't be in any page: "windows 9" "windows 8" -"-windows 95". No hits?


[1] Like finding out that the distribution of county and state populations in different places of the world is more likely to be Levy than Cauchy, more likely to be log-normal than uniform, and more likely to be log-gamma than log-normal. At least from the data I have acquired so far, if I'm not doing something wrong.
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